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 ARC History

CEM Electric Company, Inc. was established in 1973 in Chicago. CEM is an Engineering and Supply Company. We provide a vast array of Electric Heating Elements to the Industrial Market. In addition to a supply company, CEM offers full Engineering services to develop Electrical Heating products that will exactly meet the needs of your Electric Heating requirements.
 CEM Electric has grown rapidly over the years. We can supply any component for
 an Electrical Heating System including the heaters, sensors, temperature controls,
 relays, high-temp wire, high temp connectors, OR the Entire Complete System.
 Please visit our website at www.cemelectric.com
 To better service the Automotive and RV Markets, CEM relocated the home office to Indianapolis in 1977. These markets grew so large that a separation of efforts was required. In 1979, the ARC Division was established.
 After many years of product development for the Automotive and RV Industries a decision was made to promote ARC products to these markets. This movement took us into many "SUB" Markets.
 Among the applications we have supplied product to are, just to name a few:

Engine Pre-Heaters and Battery Warmers for:
 Earth Movers
 Alaskan King Crab Fleet
 Over-the-Road Trucking
 Material Handling Equipment
 Family Cars & Trucks
 Fuel Line Freeze Protection
 Fuel Pre-Heaters
 Absorption Refrigerators

The AIRCRAFT Industry
 And Many, Many others. And of course, THE RACING INDUSTRY!

To better serve the RACING Industry we felt we should have a location in DaytonaBeach. In 1989 we opened a branch in Daytona. We now supply products to ALL Racing Leagues from IRL, NASCAR to Go Carts and all in between. Our major thrust for "Off-the-Shelf" items is directed to Drag Racing with our Nitrous Warmers, Oil Sump Heaters, EGT Systems, etc. In 2002 our products were approved by the FAA. We now supply many products to the Aviation Industry. The move to Daytona has helped in another way. NASA, just down the street, has been purchasing our products for various applications.


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